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This information is found in Yanmar catalog #Y00F5052
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Ref.Part # DescriptionQuantity
1728291-92500REPAIR SETAdd to Cart
2128271-01330GASKET, CylinderHEAD
Part number has changed to:
Yanmar 128271-01911
2128271-01911Cylinder Head GasketAdd to Cart
Part number has changed to:
Yanmar 128370-13201
3128370-13201Exhaust GasketAdd to Cart
Part number has changed to:
Yanmar 128290-13251
4128290-13251GASKET, (NON-ASB.)Add to Cart
5705311-22500RING SET
Part number has changed to:
Yanmar 721575-22500
10119660-35150Oil filter
Part number has changed to:
Yanmar 119305-35170
Part number has changed to:
Yanmar 119305-35151
11124060-39451Oil Pressure Sender
Part number has changed to:
Yanmar 124060-39452
12124223-42091IMPELLER, COOLING WATER -supercedes
Part number has changed to:
Yanmar 124223-42092
13121750-49800Thermostat For 3HMF, 2GMF, 3GMF, 2GM20F, 3GM30FAdd to Cart
14127610-91350Temp Sender - Green ToppedAdd to Cart
15124770-53000NOZZLE ASSEMBLY,Fuel Inject
Part number has changed to:
Yanmar 124770-53001
18104500-55710Fuel FilterAdd to Cart
19104511-78780Water Pump BeltAdd to Cart
20124732-42290V-BELT (A-37) 2GM20F, 3GM30F Replaced by 25132-003700
Part number has changed to:
Yanmar 25132-003700
2146150-003680 ** <<- This Part Not In Database - Email us for information**

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