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The parts listed below are for the Westerbeke 30B Three Cooling System, if you are looking for the parts listing for the Westerbeke 20B Two Cooling System, please click on the listing for that engine in the table of contents.
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Ref.Part # DescriptionQuantity
19321Heat Exchanger End Cap O-Ring, 3/8" x 3/32"10.60
19321Heat Exchanger End Cap O-Ring, 3/8" x 3/32"10.60
137158Sea Water Pump to Heat Exchanger Hose143.20
211386This is the part you were searching for:
Hose Clamp 12
334712NIPPLE 3/8 NPT x 7/8 HOSE116.20
Part number has changed to:
Westerbeke 37431
536612ELBOW 3/8 NPT x 1 HOSE122.40
631824Capscrew M 6X35 Din 93310.60
734642Cap Screw10.70
831783M6 Lockwasher40.20
831825CAPSCREW M 6x12 DIN 93340.60
1030146CAPSCREW M 6x55 DIN 93121.20
1118804M6 x 20 DIN 933 capscrew20.70
1237015Fresh water pump1297.50
1336957Fresh Water Pump Gasket18.70
1433351Capscrew M 6X60 Din 93110.80
1518804M6 x 20 DIN 933 capscrew20.70
1637057Lower Thermostat Housing for Models 12CTwo, 20BTwo, 30BThree, 5.0 BCD, and 4.0 BCD1146.90
1837493Water Temperature Switch with Gasket1137.50
1937162Banjo Washer, M16130.20
2136956Thermostat Gasket16.40
2236937O-RING 9 MM23.00
2436228HOUSING,THERMOSTAT 12C,20B,30B160.20
2537453Switches Bushing 1/4"NPT x 1/8"NPT119.70
2519369PLUG 1/8 NPT HEX HEAD BRASS13.80
2535109Water Temperature Sender 1/8 NPT169.60
2631784Washer M 6 Din 12520.20
2731783M6 Lockwasher20.20
2818804M6 x 20 DIN 933 capscrew20.70
2911405HOSE CLAMP 1623.00
3037383Thermostat to Manifold Hose19.90
3237152Flow Control Housing1146.80
3311386This is the part you were searching for:
Hose Clamp 12
3436654Flow Controller Return Bend Hose, 3/4"114.70
3511405HOSE CLAMP 1623.00
3639885Flow Control Hose228.90
3721878Hose Clamp 2022.70
3824306Pressure Cap, 15psi110.80
3924907ELBOW 1/8 NPT x 5/16 HOSE124.80
4015830STUD M 8x25 DIN 93963.50
4136955Exhaust Manifold Gasket115.70
4231787Washer M 8 Din 12540.30
4331786M8 Lockwasher DIN 12740.20
4418242NUT M 8 DIN 93440.30
4537312Exhaust Manifold1659.90
4611405HOSE CLAMP 1623.00
4731825CAPSCREW M 6x12 DIN 93310.60
4831784Washer M 6 Din 12510.20
4831783M6 Lockwasher10.20
5036691Fresh Water Pump to Heat Exchanger Hose198.80
5131935SCREW 8-32 X 1/4 SS OVAL20.50
5315830STUD M 8x25 DIN 93913.50
5315831STUD M 8x32 DIN 93917.20
5437564Heat Exchanger11165.80
5522851Heat Exchanger End Gasket 3"25.50
5619321Heat Exchanger End Cap O-Ring, 3/8" x 3/32"20.60
5722850Heat Exchanger End Cover 3 inch216.00
5822852Capscrew 3/8" NC x 3/4" Brass24.30
5931786M8 Lockwasher DIN 12720.20
6018242NUT M 8 DIN 93420.30
6231753Flat Washer 1/4"20.20
63317521/4 Lockwasher20.20
6431506CAPSCREW 1/4NCx1-1/420.50
6519369PLUG 1/8 NPT HEX HEAD BRASS13.80
6611885Zinc 1/4114.60
6736614ELBOW 3/4 NPT x 1 HOSE127.30
6811405HOSE CLAMP 1613.00
6937154Cooler to Transmission Hose136.60
7136425Exhaust Elbow Gasket15.10
723740190 Degree Water Injected Elbow1210.20
7237402Water Injected Elbow Kit 451155.30
7335747PLUG 1/2 NPT112.90
7336849PLUG 3/4 NPT SQ HEAD BRASS121.90
7436614ELBOW 3/4 NPT x 1 HOSE127.30
7436616ELBOW 1/2 NPT x 1 HOSE129.60
7524977Coolant Recovery Expansion Tank Kit168.60
7624786Tank Mount Strap113.20
7724704Coolant Recovery Tank128.10
7824858Polyethylene Cap 2"10.50
7924637Polyurethane Tubing300.40
8024906HOSE CLAMP 04 MINI21.90

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