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Engine System Group: MISCELLANEOUS

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Ref.Part # DescriptionQuantity
138350This is the part you were searching for:
5.0 BCD Minor Spare Parts Kit
2383515.0 BCD Major Spare Parts Kit11516.90
338352GASKET SET,UPPER 5.0 BCD1414.80
438353GASKET SET,COMPLETE 5.0 BCD1688.40
537121KIT,HARDWARE 12C,20B,30B167.20
713758Red Aerosol Can Paint159.20
830760Harness extention 15ft, 8 Pin1102.30
938677Parts Manual 5.0 BCD128.00
1038673MANUAL,TECH 5.0 BCD144.80
Part number has changed to:
Westerbeke 42871
1433327Valve, Anti SIphon148.00
1515010Sea Water Strainer1198.40
1634936MUFFLER HYDRO-HUSH C1526.90
17-133340CONNECTOR,HOSE 1-7/8 STRAIGHT - 23.00
17-2333411-7/8" by 45 Degree Hose Connector - 15.00
17-333342CONNECTOR,HOSE 1-7/8 90 DEGREE - 30.80
17-433943KIT,MUFFLER COUPLING - 37.80

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