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Ref.Part # DescriptionQuantity
219262M10 Lockwasher DIN 12730.40
315887NUT M10 DIN 93420.60
4-124639Solenoid 12VDC150.00
4-222249SOLENOID 24VDC1135.00
Part number has changed to:
Westerbeke 24639
4-422249SOLENOID 24VDC2135.00
715122Elbow 1/8" Npt Street 45118.50
819369PLUG 1/8 NPT HEX HEAD BRASS23.80
911552Oil Pressure Switch1100.30
1037323Fuel/Oil Pressure Switch - Double Prong
Two terminal oil switch
11-124132Oil Pressure Sender1148.50
11-1A24975SENDER,DUAL OIL PRESSURE 0-1001178.90
11-242161SENDER,OIL PRESS 80PSI 24V TEL1176.10
1231753Flat Washer 1/4"20.20
13317521/4 Lockwasher20.20
14317501/4 Nut NC20.40
15317585/16 lock washer20.20
1631760NUT 5/16 NF20.30
1731849LOCKWASHER 10 MED SS20.20
1831847NUT 10-32 SS20.20
19-137100Fuel shut-off solenoid (3 Wire)1175.60
19-244225Triple Wire Solenoid, 24V1613.00
19-344990Actuator, 12V DC1900.00
19-444991Governor Actuator Assembly, 24V1900.00
20-246631Pump, 24V1235.40
2134470CAPSCREW M10x45 DIN 93121.40
2218242NUT M 8 DIN 93420.30
2331786M8 Lockwasher DIN 12720.20
2531784Washer M 6 Din 12520.20
2615812This is the part you were searching for:
M6 Nut DIN 934
28-124683BREAKER,CIRCUIT 20 AMP187.10
28-220946BREAKER,CIRCUIT 10 AMP1181.50
2931503Capscrew 1/4" NC x 3/4"20.40
30-124353Glowplug, 12VDC4161.70
30-234467GLOWPLUG 24VDC4133.70
3239550Temperature Switch 210F139.10
3431843WASHER,FLAT 8 SS20.20
3543480SCREW 8-32x7/8 SS HEX WASHR HD20.70
36-146739Timing Module1164.90
3834589CAPSCREW M10x30 DIN 93311.30
3934669NUT,OIL FILLER ELBOW M30117.30

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