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General Information
Preparations For Starting
Before Starting
Starting Engine
Engine Break-in and General Running
Stopping the Engine
Decompression Lever
Instrument Panel
Wiring Diagram
Preparing Engine for Storage
Preparing Engine for Spring Service
Fuel Injection Timing
Diesel Valve Timing
Adjusting Fuel Timing
Decompression Device Adjustment
Fuel System
Fuel Bleeding
Oil Filter Change
Sea Water Pump and Impeller Replacement
Model 15 Sea Water Circulation Diagram
Model 12, 18, 20, 25, 25XP, 30, 40 & 50 Water
Fresh Water Circulation Diagram

Hurth Transmission
Periodic Service Chart for Engine
Marine Engine Warranty - Limited

Engine Specifications and Images
(by engine model)



M2-12,M3-20, M4-30, M-25XP, M-35, M-30 M-40, M-50, M-12, M-15, M-18, M-20, M-25

Online Owner's Manual

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This information is provided for reference only.  It is always recommended that you deal with authorized Westerbeke sales and service centers for your marine diesel engine needs.  Any of the parts listed in this online parts book can be purchased online at Universal Direct, by email , phone 616-820-0022 or FAX 616-396-1136.  We can ship promptly to your location.

The (hardcopy) book format or this parts manual is Westerbeke / Universal Part number 200142 and can be purchased from Marine Diesel Direct's Universal Direct Online Store.

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