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General Information
Preparations For Starting
Before Starting
Starting Engine
Engine Break-in and General Running
Stopping the Engine
Decompression Lever
Instrument Panel
Wiring Diagram
Preparing Engine for Storage
Preparing Engine for Spring Service
Fuel Injection Timing
Diesel Valve Timing
Adjusting Fuel Timing
Decompression Device Adjustment
Fuel System
Fuel Bleeding
Oil Filter Change
Sea Water Pump and Impeller Replacement
Model 15 Sea Water Circulation Diagram
Model 12, 18, 20, 25, 25XP, 30, 40 & 50 Water
Fresh Water Circulation Diagram

Hurth Transmission
Periodic Service Chart for Engine
Marine Engine Warranty - Limited

Engine Specifications and Images
(by engine model)




Refer to the instrument panel drawing (at the bottom of this page) when becoming familiar with the start up procedure or any general operating requirements of the engine.

The "Blower" switch (if equipped with engine) will remain in the "ON" position until it is turned off.

The "Glow Plug" or pre-heat switch requires continuous pressure for whatever time it is necessary to activate the glow plug.

The "Oil Pressure" light will come on when starting the engine but should go out after the engine starts. A low oil level in the engine crankcase or a serious oil leakage should be suspected if the light comes on at any other time during engine operation.
Old style key switch is a four position selector type. Far left, "ACCESSORY"-"OFF"-"ON"- "START" at the far right moving clockwise. The key will spring return to the "ON" position when released after start up.

New style key switch is ON-OFF only; glow and start switches are push button type. Both must be engaged to start engine.

Operating temperature is approximately 165F to 195F on all models except M-15. Operating temperature is approximately 135F to 155F on Model 15. The ammeter should indicate the charge required based on equipment and battery condition.

There are three (3) New style "Universal" panels.

1. Standard: Includes temp. and AMP gauges, oil light, on-off key switch, glow plug and start 300680 buttons.

2. Deluxe: Same as Standard plus a tachometer with 4 selection stations on the back. To be 300685 set to correct Model for accurate readings.

3. Custom: Same as Standard plus a tachometer/hour meter with Model selection station on 300690 back and a low-oil high-temp audio alarm with red light.