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DECOMPRESSION DEVICE ADJUSTMENT: (on models which have decompression)

The decompression device must be adjusted every time the rocker arm cover is removed or tightened.

1. Remove cover over flywheel timing mark inspection hole. (Tool B). No decompression lever on models 12 and 35.

2. Turn crankshaft over by hand being careful not to damage the spline on end of crankshaft, until flywheel mark 1 -TC is aligned with the pointer on the wall of the inspection hole.

3. Remove decompression covers from top of rocker arm cover over number 1 cylinder. (Tool A).

4. With the alignment of the pointer and flywheel mark 1 -TC the no. 1 cylinder decompression adjustment can now be accomplished.

5. Pull and hold lever to full decompression position.

6. Working through the access hole, loosen the lock nut with a wrench (tool A) and back the adjusting screw off until no contact is made on the rocker arm (Using screw driver).

7. Now turn adjusting screw in until first contact is made, continue to turn screw in (1) turn.

8. Lock the screw in this position with the lock nut. Observe the position of slot in screw prior to locking nut, recheck after tightening lock nut.

9. The above stops are to be followed to adjust the decompression for all remaining cylinders. After aligning the respective flywheel marks (2-TC, 3-TC, etc.). Adjustments can be made as described in steps 3 thru 7 above.

10. After all necessary adjustments have been made, be sure to replace and secure all access hole covers and the flywheel inspection hole cover.