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Unless major repair work is done on the engine, timing should not be required.

Basic tools required: 

(A) - 10 MM Socket wrench
(B) - 13 MM Socket wrench
(C) - 17 MM Open end wrench
(D) - 12 MM Box end wrench
(E) - 27 MM Socket (1-1/16")

Engine firing order - Two cylinder - 1 - 2
(Front V belt end)
Three cylinder - 1 - 2 - 3

Four cylinder - 1 - 3 - 4 - 2

1. Remove fuel lines from injector pump fittings on injector pump (Tool C).

2. Pull decompression lever so that it will remain in the decompression position. No decompression lever on Model-i 2.

3. Open throttle fully.

4. Energize electric fuel pump and turn engine over with starter to ensure that fuel is coming out of each injector pump opening. Have clean rags around opening to soak up fuel.

5. Wipe off any fuel on injector pump body and the top of each injector opening.

6. Turn crankshaft over by hand, being careful not to damage spline on end of crankshaft. Engine rotation will be clockwise. STOP IMMEDIATELY at the first sign of fuel movement in the injector pump fuel fitting, for whichever injector pump is being checked. (No. 1 injector pump is the closest to the V-belt end of the engine).

7. Remove cover from flywheel timing mark inspection hold located inside of left engine mount (Tool B).

8. Check alignment of mark on flywheel with the timing pointer on the wall of the inspection hole. The 1-Fl mark on the flywheel represents fuel injection of No. 1 cylinder. 2-Fl represents No. 2 cylinder, etc.

9. If timing pointer and the flywheel marking 1-Fl is aligned then No. 1 cylinder is properly timed for fuel injection and should require no adjustment. The same will be true for No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4 cylinders if the above steps are followed.
10. In order to determine if timing is off, or if the injection pump is faulty, it is necessary to recheck the timing for each cylinder two or three times.

11 If there are variations in repeatability in the alignment of pointer and timing mark, a faulty fuel injector pump may be suspected.

12. If timing marks repeat to same location but are off 3/16" or more above or below the pointer, this indicates that the engine must be retimed.

If alignment of the timing mark is not within 3/16" above or below the pointer, the above steps must be taken to time the engine, If the timing is found to be satisfactory, then reconnect all fuel lines and fittings and tighten. The fuel system must be bled before the engine will operate properly. (See fuel bleeding instructions else where in this manual).