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General Information
Preparations For Starting
Before Starting
Starting Engine
Engine Break-in and General Running
Stopping the Engine
Decompression Lever
Instrument Panel
Wiring Diagram
Preparing Engine for Storage
Preparing Engine for Spring Service
Fuel Injection Timing
Diesel Valve Timing
Adjusting Fuel Timing
Decompression Device Adjustment
Fuel System
Fuel Bleeding
Oil Filter Change
Sea Water Pump and Impeller Replacement
Model 15 Sea Water Circulation Diagram
Model 12, 18, 20, 25, 25XP, 30, 40 & 50 Water
Fresh Water Circulation Diagram

Hurth Transmission
Periodic Service Chart for Engine
Marine Engine Warranty - Limited

Engine Specifications and Images
(by engine model)



Periodic Service Chart

Always be sure engine is stopped and cool and that your personal safety is considered before making checks or doing any repair work
Period of operation Things to do
Break in period 
(approx 25 hours at 75% cruise speed)
Change engine oil, filter and transmission oil after first 25 hours. Always allow engine to warm up before applying load. Check V-belt tension. 1/2" deflection.
Every 75 hours At least once each season or whichever comes first change engine oil and oil filter.
Every 100 hours Check electrolyte levels in battery.

At least once each year, or whichever comes first change fuel oil filter and transmission oil.

Check engine mounts bolts and lock nuts for looseness, and rubber for wear.

Check engine and shaft alignment annually or if vibration is noticed during engine powering.

Check all cables for tightness and
location to proper positioning.

Check for clean tight engine ground
connection to block.

Check all fuel and water lines for
tightness or replacement.

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