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Yanmar® Stop Cable Information

Yanmar® stop cables are steel cables with a steel jacket.

In order to maintain the cable in good working order it's important to grease the cable periodically with a water-proof grease. This is done by loosening the locking screw in the barrel at the engine side of the cable. Pulling the inside cable out at the panel, take a water proof grease and generously coat the cable and shank. When the cable is reinserted, make certain the cable is pushed all the way in and the shut down arm is in the complete run position before locking the barrel screw back up.

Popular Yanmar stop cables include:
3000mm (3 meter), part number 104271-67550
4000mm (4 meter), part number 129470-67550
7000mm (7 meter), part number 129470-67560

Failure to lubricate the stop cables could result in:

Result Cause
Engine won't start Cable Rusted in Shut Down Position
Engine won't shut down Cable Rusted in Full Run Position
Engine will not reach full RPMs Cable Rusted in Partial Run Position
Panel Face will fracture Cable Rusted and Forced Out

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